What to do for your Pets when you are on vacation or away from home.

If you are a pet owner, you might be familiar with this problem. Many times, we have to go out for vacations or trips. Because of this, we can’t decide what to do for pets, where can i leave my dog for a week near me & who will take care of them.

If you are also facing the same problem and wondering what you can do for your pet safe while on vacation or away from home, this guide can be helpful in this case.

However, there is no need to worry as there are many options that you can consider for your pets. This article discusses what you can do for your pets when you are on vacation or away from home.

Booking a Pet Boarding Service for your dog while on vacation

I want to travel but i have a dog

The easiest thing to do is to leave your pets in a pet boarding centre so now you can look for pet care while on vacation near me while will make your beloved pet safe and happy.

If you don’t know, Pet boarding services are like hostels for your pets. The pet boarding providers have accommodation facilities for pets.

There are separate kennels for all pets, playing areas and sleeping zones, and experienced staff to look after the pets.

While you remain stress-free about your pet, your pet also socialises with other pets and gets a chance to look at the outside world.

Some pet boardings even have vet services, so if you have a pet who has special medication needs, you can put your pet there.

Pet boarding services are not only helpful for pet owners who are going outside for travel purposes. It is also helpful for those who cannot handle their pet’s needs properly and want special care for them.

Below, we have presented a list of a few excellent pet boarding service providers in India.


Top Pet Boarding Service Providers


Barks2Beaks is one of the best pet boarding services. It provides day and overnight boarding services, so if you are going on vacation or away from home for one day or even a few hours, you can contact barks2beaks for help.

It also contains a pool where pets can swim and relax. It provides proper reports and updates to pet owners.


Petsfolio not only provides pet boarding but also has many more services to offer. However, it only provides services for dogs.

Petsfolio provides dog daycare, dog grooming, dog walking, etc. For pet owners, it also provides dog training so that the owners can learn how they can interact with their dogs.


Snouters is also a dog boarding service provider. Snouters has a network of individual dog care providers.

Charges range from Rs. 500/- to Rs. 1500/- according to the individual service providers. Along with pet boarding, you can also hire daycare services for your dog. It can be useful if you work for long hours in the daytime.


Wagstays is a dog boarding and vet service provider. It perfectly handles your dog with specialised personal care.

Wagstays also provides Rs.10000/- medical cover for your dog against any medical treatment. It gives services in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Guwahati, and 15+ cities.

Board your dog at certain places by considering these tips

Pet boarding services are useful. But while looking for such services, one must ensure a few things in his/her mind.

  • First of all, before selecting any pet boarding service, always do your due diligence and proper research about that service.
  • Always check what value-for-money the service provider can give before putting your pet in it.
  • You can check reviews, directly talk with the support team, visit their location and see what services they offer.
  • After you put your pet in the boarding, ensure that the contact team gives you regular updates about your pet.

Booking a Pet Sitter

If you aren’t convinced about pet boarding services, Pet Sitting can be a great option. Pet sitting is basically like babysitting. Pet sitters are individuals whom you can hire to look after your pets.

Pet sitters take care of your pets for a short period in your absence. They can be useful if you go out for 1 or 2 days. Pet sitters are cheaper and better than Pet boarding services. They come directly to your home to look after your pet.

All the supplements such as pet toys, pet food, and kennels are given by your side, so there are no extra charges for that.

While pet sitters are home-based, some also provide the option to take care of pets at the sitter’s home.

The difference between pet sitting and pet boarding services is that the former is cheaper. Pet boarding services are more expensive, and they accommodate multiple pets.

Below we have provided a list of some best pet sitting services in India.

Pet Sitting services


It is one of the best pet sitting providers in India. Sulekha operates in 15+ major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Vizag, Noida, Agra, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Chennai, etc.

Sulekha provides extensive pet care for dogs as well as cats. It boasts 1 Crore+ satisfied customers and has a team of 20000+ pet sitters.


Petside provides a lot of services. Along with pet sitting, it also provides pet boarding, pet daycare, dog walking, etc.

It provides services only for dogs, and it only works in Mumbai at present. They have a team of certified pet sitters and dog trainers who can look after your dog in your absence.


Pawspace, along with being a pet boarding service, also provides pet sitting services.

For charges and more information, you can directly contact them. Pawspace provides certified pet sitters who take care of your pets and offer specialised personal care for pets with special needs.

Some tips while looking for a Pet sitting service

Like pet boarding services, choosing pet sitting services should also be done with care. Here are some tips to remember while looking for a pet sitting service-

  • Before selecting any pet sitter, first, contact the company that is providing the services.
  • Ask them about what services they can offer and what expertise they have in pet sitting services.
  • Before choosing a pet sitter, check their reviews and ensure that the pet sitter is trustworthy.
  • Check your sitter’s pet care expertise. Let him interact with your pet and see how the pet behaves with him.
  • If you are choosing a pet sitter who provides home-based accommodation, review what services he can offer to your pet.
  • Also, keep taking regular updates from your pet sitter while you are out. This way, you’ll be assured about the wellness of your pet.

Leaving at neighbour/friend’s house

If you still don’t trust or don’t find any of the options listed above helpful,will my dog think i abandoned him when i go on vacation, then best thing you can do is take help from your neighbour or your friend.

All you have to do is ask any of your neighbours to look after your pet in your absence.

If your neighbour or friend has good pet care expertise and is familiar with your pet, it will be better to leave your pet in their house.

But before leaving your pet at their home, ensure that they can trust them and handle your pet with full responsibility.

Take your pets with you on vacations

While this would be difficult, it is the last option remaining. If you don’t trust anybody leaving your pet with them, you should consider going along with your pet on Vacation.

It is the best option as well as the most difficult one. The advantage of taking your pets on vacation is that you will not be worried about your pet all the time. You can handle your pet as you like. Also, your pets will get a chance to see and explore the outer world with you.

Many hotels and resorts are pet-friendly and provide special accommodation for pets.

If you’re travelling outside your country, ensure that your pet is vaccinated and healthy. After the Covid-19 pandemic, many countries have imposed restrictions on pets. They can ask for vaccination certificates, and if needed, your pet can be isolated for some time.

However, the biggest problem is the health issues that arise when going with your pets on vacation. Every environment or weather condition does not suit pets, so you need to be careful about the weather conditions as they directly affect the health of your pets.


Being a pet parent is difficult. Owners should handle pets with special care and full responsibility.

Hiring a pet sitter would be the best option if you’re travelling for a shorter time and in a nearby city.

While if you’re going for a longer time, such as 1 or 2 weeks, booking a Pet boarding service would be better.

However, if you have trust concerns, you can leave your pet at any of your neighbour’s homes.

The best option would be to take your pet along with you. However, this option wouldn’t be easy, so very few people choose this option.

If you can, then consider taking your pet along. You’ll have no trust and security issues, while your pet will enjoy the vacation.

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