Part-time dog caretakers in Bangalore

Bangalore is a big city, and the standard of living is very high. The people in Bangalore are very fond of keeping pet dogs with them. And since most people living in the city have pets, life in Bangalore is fast-paced and pet owners are engaged in high-profile work due to which they have to travel and having a pet dog and traveling is always a key factor, as most of the time carrying them with for traveling purpose makes them feel stressed out and can’t easily get fit in new environments.

As a matter of concern, people require some places where they can keep their dogs while moving to a new location for work or other reasons. This thing needs to be solved. That is why we have found some wonderful places where you can keep your dog, as it is the safest and most caring place where the dog can enjoy and spend some quality time and get a homely feeling.

Here are some of the pet services where you can easily connect and get a solution to your problem:


Barks2Beaks offers the perfect retreat or services every dog or pet owner looks for in pet care or a dog hostel. It is a beautiful-looking dog hostel. Whether you’re off on holiday or have a long day at work, you can leave your dog at Barks2Beaks and focus on your work or travel without worrying about your dog.

The main goal or objective of Barks2Beaks is to offer an environment for dogs to enjoy themselves. Barks2Beaks provides boarding and day-care for all kinds of pets. We also offer dog socializing sessions, dog and owner play dates.

Barks2Beaks offers a range of services and packages, from straightforward pampered services are:

  • Overnight Boarding
  • Doggie Day-care
  • Swimming Pool
  • Private Kennels
  • Playground areas
  • Home-cooked food


PetBacker is a place where you can easily find local and trusted pet sitters from Bengaluru to do drop-in visits. This means a pet sitter will come and visit your pet at a time you both agree on and provide lots of love and personal attention to your dog. They provide medication, give food, and refresh the water bowl. Home visits are a great way to break up the day and make it more enriching for your pet. PetBacker sitters have extensive experience in caring for pets and dogs. If you have multiple pets, home visits are also a great option to ensure that they all get a visit and lots of attention during the day. These drops in visits are the least stressful option for your pet because your pet will get to stay in the best environment – their own home. Their surroundings will be familiar to them, and a loving and passionate PetBacker sitter will arrive to take care of them. So whether you need just one day, a whole week, or even a month, you’ll be able to find an experienced pet carer to accommodate your pet’s needs in Bengaluru.

Anvis Inc.-

Anvis Inc. was founded with the sole aim of ‘Simplifying Pet Care’ for the discerning pet parent. It is located in Bangalore and various other parts of the country as they take care of pets and dogs in their place and have more than 2000+ trainers who provide dog care services across several regions, such as exercise and pampering or love to the animals.

Whenever you are hiring a pet sitter, a pet boarder, a dog walker, a puppy trainer, a pet relocator, or any other pet service provider, you are handing over your most precious family member into their care. As we know, dogs are very sensitive, so you want someone knowledgeable, experienced, and trustworthy to take care of the dogs the way you do. So in Anvis Inc., you will get all of these things as the people working in the organization are very skilled and trained people who have all the necessary qualities that are required to take care of a dog.

Pet Dog Play-

Pet Dog Play is a pet dog caretaking facility for dogs located in the northern part of Bangalore, a 5 km drive from the MVIT intersection on the way to the Bangalore Airport. The facility has been designed keeping the animals in mind to take care of them and provide the best safe facility for them. The dogs in Play have individual and spacious kennels, independent runs, a cage-free play park, and 24/7 attention from the Play staff, which will keep the dogs engaged in some activities and won’t make them feel bored or miss their owner. They provide excellent quality food, which a dog needs to stay fit and feel energetic to play and have fun while the time stays in play. In-Play, you will find very well-trained and experienced people who will be taking care of your dog as they have mastered this work and have been doing it for a very long time. So you can relax and enjoy your travels and work by keeping your dog entertained.

In Pet Dog play, services like grooming, taking dogs for walks, parties, fun activities, and many more can be found. It is a beautiful place for all the dogs, built with so much love and fine attention to detail.


SNOUTER is one of the largest networks of pet dog caretakers located in Bangalore. The objective of Snouter is to simplify all the activities for pet parents and provide care to their pets and dogs in their absence. SNOUTERS connect pet owners with safe and caring pet caretakers. Whether you need a dog walker for the day, overnight pet boarding for a month or dog daycare, a technological platform called Snouters enables everything from dog walking, pet boarding, veterinary treatments, and dog training services throughout India. By providing them with the necessary details about your dog, they enable a network of dependable pet walkers, groomers, and boarders to operate their pet care businesses on Snouters.

The reason for choosing Snouters is that services booked on Snouters are backed by the Snouters Guarantee, 24/7 Support, and Reservation Protection. Apart from this, they provide various services like background verified, experienced pet hosts, Reservation Guarantee, 24/7 support, one-click booking, cancellation, and refund, along with a daily photo and video updates.

Samaritan Home Pet Boarding and Services

Samaritan Home Pet Boarding and Services is located at Kaggadasapura, Bangalore. It is one of the 5-star-rated dog caretakers and pet boarding service providers.

They provide a very safe and loving home for dogs. Dog parents don’t have to worry about their dogs and can have a refreshing break they have always wanted or go for a work-related purpose.

They focus on building a connection with the pet, understanding the need of the dog, and providing desired love and treatment. Samaritan has a team of excellent and caring trainers who are very good at taking care of the entire dog as if it were their own.

Samaritan is good at providing services that include boarding, doggie day-care, grooming, socializing, pet parties, pet spa, and many other fun-related activities that the dogs can enjoy and find a home-like feeling.

Samaritan gives the pet owner full insurance about the safety of the pet. They are experienced at pet sitting and know how to handle any type of dog or pet. They keep the pet owner updated with videos and photos. Samaritan pet caretakers have a professional approach to pet boarding and services and are highly recommended by their previous clients.


Above mentioned dog caretakers provide the best service for dog care and other facilities which a pet owner might be looking for. Dog owners can keep their dogs for some time at the above-mentioned boarding services. These places have a good vibe with experts working as caretakers to take care of your dog. Barks2Beaks even has a swimming pool where your dog can relax. Daily swimming can be healthy for your dog.

Thus, you can keep your dog with the above caretakers who will treat your dog with love and care. We hope this article about part-time dog caretakers in Bangalore helps you in finding one for your dog. Do check out the above places.

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