Top 3 Dog Hostels in Bangalore

Pet care or Dog Hostel is crucial in today’s environment, especially for pet or dog owners who travel so much. In today’s times, where we have to travel regularly due to work-related stuff, we have to find pet boarding or a dog hostel for our pets. Some people love to keep a pet, but when it comes to working or travelling to some places, it can be very difficult for the owners to carry their pet and travel along with them. Because of the health issues as the environment may not suit the pets.

The place they are visiting may not have the same environment and conditions. There will be a change of temperature, and with dogs, these situations may not always favour them as dogs are very sensitive to the environment they are living in. People having a pet dog are always very much considered and worried about the pet animals, so having a place where they can keep their dogs for some time and focus on their work or travel will be very suitable and comfortable for them.

So in this article, we are here with the solution. We have discovered some excellent pet dog hostel facilities in Bangalore. Because it has made life so much easier for those who work or must travel frequently, that is where you may care for and keep your pet.

Some of the best pet hostels in Bangalore can be suitable for you leaving your pet in their care. There are numerous excellent pet or dog hostels across Bangalore. In this article, we have prepared a list of the Top 3 dog hostel in Bangalore. They are a centre for anyone who wants the best care, comfort, and entertainment for their dogs.

We have discovered these services, and now you can find them and keep your dog at that place as it is the safest and most caring place for the dogs. Let’s go through the Top 3 dog hostel in Bangalore.

1.  Barks2Beaks- Pet Boarding and Resort with Pet Pool

Barks2Beaks best Pet Boarding Service In Bangalore
Barks2Beaks one of the best pet boarding service in Bangalore

Barks2Beaks offers the perfect retreat or services every dog or pet owner looks for in pet care or dog hostel. It is a beautiful-looking dog hostel. Whether you’re off on holiday or have a long day at work, you can leave your dog at Barks2Beaks and focus on your work or travel without worrying about your dog.

The main goal or objective of Barks2Beaks is to offer an environment for dogs to enjoy themselves. Barks2Beaks provides boarding and day-care for all kinds of pets. Your dog can enjoy the scrub or spa services while you are busy at work. We also offer dog socialising sessions, dog and owner play dates and assistance in planning dog-related events, awareness camps, and kid-focused animal education camps.

Barks2Beaks offers a range of pampered services such as –

  • Boarding
  • Doggie Day-care
  • Socialising
  • Swimming Pool
  • Vet Wisdom

2.  Snouter

Snouters image

SNOUTER is India’s largest network of 5-star dog hostels located in Bangalore and across various parts of India. Snouters simplify all activities for a dog parent and make it simpler to feel the unconditional love that everyone deserves from a pet. Snouters connect pet owners with safe and caring pet caretakers or pet boarders. There is a Snouter who is the ideal match for you, your dogs, and your lifestyle, whether you need a dog walker for the day, overnight dog boarding for a month, or dog daycare. A technological platform called Snouters enables every service like dog walking, pet boarding, medical treatments, and dog training services throughout India.

By providing them with the necessary details about your dog, they enable a network of dependable dog walkers, groomers, and boarders to operate their dog care businesses on Snouters. The reason for choosing Snouters is because services booked on Snouters are backed by the Guarantee, 24/7 Support, and Reservation Protection. Also apart from this, they provide various services like:

  • Background verification and experienced dog hosts
  • Reservation Guarantee and 24/7 support
  • One-click booking, cancellation and refund
  • Daily Photo and Video updates
  • Rs 10000 worth of emergency vet coverage

3.  Pawspace-

Pet boarding Near mr Barks2Beaks

Pawspace dog hostel brings together the biggest ecosystem of trusted, local, affordable pet care service providers from Bangalore’s leading pet-loving community that are safe and certified to address your pet or dog care needs. Pawspace is on a path to ease pet or dog parenthood by offering all services dedicated to taking care of your loving pet.

A group of Bangalore-based, like-minded dog parents that wanted better for their animals formed Pawspace Pet Care in the beginning. At that time, it was obvious that the pet services sector in India, even in urban centres, lacked empathy, knowledge, and sensitivity when it comes to pet or dog care. There was a lack of knowledge about dog or pet care among caretakers or dog boarders.

Pawspace knew that they had to step in and make a change, and after spending time on various research and gaining more knowledge, they started a Dog hostel in Bangalore to look after your dogs. Pawspace wanted to promote a loving, stress-free atmosphere for all dogs.

Pawspace consists of a team of certified 1000+ Pet sitters and Boarders, 40+ Groomers, 700+ Dog Walkers and 100+ Dog Trainers. Aren’t these figures quite impressive and seem the perfect care which a Dog needs to spend time. Apart from this, there are several other services which Pawspace provides such as –

  • Pet Boarding
  • Dog Walking
  • Dog Day-care
  • Pet Sitting
  • Pet Training
  • Pet Grooming
  • Pet Sitting Events


To conclude, we have mentioned the top 3 dog hostel in Bangalore- Petstepin, Snouters, and Pawspace. These are the most unique and special dog hostels in Bangalore you can ever find. These can also be the perfect home and environment where a dog can stay for some time and enjoy every bit of the moment. With good customer support and dog care services, the owners can stay tension free and enjoy their vacation with family and friends.

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